History of the District


Valley County Water District is an independent special district originally formed under the jurisdiction of the California Water Code on January 18, 1926, as Baldwin Park County Water District, primarily serving a portion of the City of Baldwin Park. By 1974, the service area of Valley County Water District was well developed, and potable water service was being provided to approximately 9,000 water service connections through an intricate production and delivery system covering portions of the City of Baldwin Park, the City of Irwindale, the City of West Covina, and the City of Azusa.

On December 20, 1977, the governing Board of Directors adopted a resolution to change the name from Baldwin Park County Water District to Valley County Water District as a means of better representing the expansion of the service area to include the portions of the four cities being served.

Since then Valley County Water District has experienced steady growth and development, currently serving 12,470 water delivery service connections. The Valley County Water District system provides drinking water that exceeds state and federal drinking water standards to a combination of single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and fire protection services.


The mission of Valley County Water District is to provide a safe and reliable supply of water to all of its customers at a reasonable cost, and in an environmentally sound manner. The core values of Valley County Water District are meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding the public’s expectations, with effective and efficient management that is committed to providing attentive and considerate customer service while assuring a safe working environment in which there is an appreciation for loyal service and equitable opportunities for personal advancement and continuing education, particularly in the field of public service.

Valley County Water District 95th Anniversary
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95 Years of Service

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