How to Identify District Employees

Valley County Water District EmployeesIf someone knocks on your door claiming to be a Valley County Water District (VCWD) employee or a contractor working with the District, don’t be afraid to ask for their identification.

Contact the District office at 626-338-7301 if you are ever in doubt about any person who shows up to your home claiming to work for VCWD. If you are unsure that the person at your home is a legitimate VCWD employee, you may ask the person to leave and VCWD staff can assist you with a rescheduled visit.

Vcwd Uniforms, ID Badges & Vehicles

Most VCWD field crew members wear a VCWD uniform with the VCWD logo above the left-hand shirt pocket with the employee’s name on the right side.

In addition to uniforms, all VCWD employees carry photo identification badges and are required to show them on request. The badges should display the employee’s names, title, photo, and the VCWD logo. VCWD staff can also provide business cards.

Many, but not all VCWD employees drive a VCWD vehicle when reporting to a customer’s home for a service call or appointment. All VCWD vehicles have the VCWD logo prominently displayed in one or more locations.

Vcwd Will Never Attempt to Sell You Anything

VCWD staff and contractors will not show up at a customers residence without some kind of appointment. Exceptions include emergencies, service shut-off or reconnections and water meter repairs.

VCWD employees and its contractors will never show up unannounced at your front door attempting to sell you any type of product or service. If a person does this and states they are working for or with the District, they are being dishonest and should be immediately reported to VCWD and the local law enforcement officials.

For more information, please call 626-338-7301.