Backflow & Cross Connection Compliance Monitoring

Fire Protection and Backflow in IrwindaleOn July 22, 2002, the Valley County Water District Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 124 (PDF) with regard to backflow and cross connection compliance monitoring for the purpose of:

  • Protecting the public water supply against actual or potential cross-connections by isolating contamination that may occur because of some undiscovered or unauthorized cross-connection on the customer premises.
  • Eliminating existing cross connections between approved drinking water systems and other sources of water that are not approved as safe and potable for human consumption.
  • Eliminating cross-connections between approved drinking water systems and sources of contamination.
  • Preventing future potential cross-connections from occurring.

Any residential, commercial, and/or fire protection utility service equipped with a backflow, or meter protection, device will be required to test the operability and functionality of the device on an annual basis. Backflow Compliance Monitoring Notices (PDF) and Backflow Device Testing Forms (PDF) will be processed and mailed on a monthly basis to notify the customer of their requirement to have the device tested. Valley County Water District will assess an annual $15 Backflow Compliance Monitoring Fee (PDF) for each device requiring a completed test.

All completed Backflow Device Testing Forms should be submitted to:
Valley County Water District
Attention: Water Quality Specialist
5121 Lante Street
Baldwin Park, CA 91706