Stage ONE Water Supply Emergency

Following water conservation guidelines ensures water supplies are available for daily use and in drought conditions or emergencies. These permanent activities were established to prevent waste and maximize the efficient use of available water supplies.

  • Watering is Restricted to 3 Days/Week see schedule below
  • Repair Water Leaks Within 5 Days
  • No Watering Between 9am-5pm
  • Don't Let Water Runoff Into the Street or Sidewalk
  • Avoid Washing Down Driveways and Sidewalks
  • Decorative Water Fountains Must Use Re-circulating Systems
  • Repair Indoor and outdoor Water Leaks Quickly
  • Use Hoses with Shut-off Nozzles to Wash Cars
  • Restaurants Can Serve Water Upon Request
  • Don't Choose Daily Laundry Service at Hotels

For current drought Information click here.

Learn how to save at home! Virtual in-home water survey now available. click here


Do you have a well-designed water-wise landscape?

Valley County Water District is honoring customers who have installed a water-wise landscape in their front yards with a certificate of excellence and rebate towards your next water bill.

Let us thank you for showing the community that saving water can be beautiful!

Program Details

  • Applies to front yard residential established landscapes only.
  • Give permission to Valley County Water District to take photos of your water efficient landscape and post them to the District’s website and social media pages.
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How to Participate

Download an application and return the completed application to the District at: 5121 Lante St., Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Once your landscape has been approved, you will receive:

  • Certificate of recognition from the District as a thank you for your commitment to conservation.
  • One-time $25 credit applied by the District to your next water bill.
  • Lawn sign congratulating you on selection of a water-wise landscape.