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Over the past 90 years, the District has only had two office facilities for their headquarters. The new Valley County Water District headquarters facility will centralize the District’s operations and provide ratepayers with improved services.

Did you Know?

Valley County Water District celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2021. As a community partner, the District is proud to invest in projects that support its essential role in the public health and safety of their customers.

District Awarded Competitive Grant for New Outdoor Garden

The new outdoor water education center and demonstration garden will be located at the District’s new headquarters facility, currently under construction on Lante Street in Baldwin Park. Click here for more information.

identifying district needs

Over the 10 years, the District has been evaluating the efficiency of it existing facilities and capacity to meet water demands. A thorough review of the current system identified the need for two new reservoirs to meet peak water demands for fire protection and customer use. The District developed a plan to centralize operations and administrative services into one facility thereby opening up its operations yard for the construction of the new reservoirs. 

BENEFITS OF centralized services

The new headquarters facility will house all District operations, administrative services, and vehicle and maintenance warehouse into one location. The new structure will reduce overhead costs, improve communication, and enhance operations.

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