Smart Meter Installation Project

Valley County Water District is upgrading water meters to smart meter communication devices. 

The new advanced metering devices saves money for our customers with improved meter accuracy, and it can detect a continuous flow of water alerting the District to a possible leak. The continuous flow will alert the District and customers to pipe breaks, toilet leaks and broken sprinkler valves. Once the meters have been installed, the District will offer an online portal that will allow customers to monitor their own water use in real time. Engaging communication with the public and improving public education on the technology is expected to lead to additional water conservation.

This advanced technology improves water conservation and operational efficiencies.

AMI Installation

This project also offers mitigation against climate change. By reducing water consumption, energy use to manage, produce and move water throughout the distribution system is also reduced. Eliminating the need for staff to drive to each serve connection to obtain manual meter reads will reduce C02 emissions by 14,558 lbs.

$1.3 million Awarded in Prop 1 grant funds

Funding for this project has been provided in full or in part from the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 and through an agreement with the State Department of Water Resources.

  • Project Duration: January 2021 – March 2023
  • Total Meters to be Replaced: 11,100

Project Benefits

  • Improved Customer Service & Participation
  • Reduction in Operational Costs
  • Rapid Leak Detection (To Learn More About Fixing Common Household Leaks Click Here)
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions