Trust the Tap ®

Valley County Water District’s Trust the Tap communications campaign officially launched in January 2020. With a mission to exceed water quality standards and deliver safe drinking water to the community at an affordable cost, the District is working to change the customer’s perception of tap water. 

The District's goal is to strengthen the community’s trust and confidence along with develop a sense of dependability and reliability in the customer mindset.

Trust the Tap is a registered trademark of Valley County Water District.

Trust the Tap Multilingual Logo


Routine water samples are collected and taken to a state-certified laboratory for analysis. Valley County Water District meets and exceeds all State and Federal drinking water standards. More information about the quality of your water can be found in the current Consumer Confidence Report.

Did you know?

Major brands of bottled water are actually sourced from tap water supplies and sold at an average retail cost of $1.29 per bottle. The same amount of water provided by VCWD costs less than one cent and is available from the convenience of home.

  • Tap water is held to higher water quality standards than bottled water.
  • It takes three times the amount of water to produce one bottle of water.
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