Urban Water Management Plan 2020

The California Water Code requires all urban water suppliers that provide water for municipal purposes either directly or indirectly to more than 3,000 customers (or supply more than 3,000 acre-feet of water annually) to prepare an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP). The plan describes and evaluates sources of supply, reasonable and practical efficient uses, reclamation, and demand management activities. The components of a plan may vary according to an individual community or area’s characteristics and its capability to efficiently use and conserve water. The plans address measures for residential, commercial, governmental, and industrial water demand management.


This 2020 UWMP for VCWD has been prepared in fulfillment of the requirements of the Act and in compliance with the 2020 Urban Water Management Plans Guidebook for Urban Water Suppliers (Guidebook) as provided by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). The UWMP must be updated every 5 years and submitted to DWR.


The UWMP serves as an important resource document for cities and counties as they update their General Plans. Conversely, General Plans are referenced source documents as water suppliers update their UWMPs. These planning documents are linked, and their accuracy and usefulness are interdependent. It is crucial that cities, counties, and water suppliers work closely when developing and updating these planning documents.


The UWMP integrates local and regional land use planning, regional water supply, infrastructure, and demand management projects, as well as statewide issues of concern like climate change and regulatory revisions. In short, the UWMP gathers, characterizes, and synthesizes water-related information from numerous sources into a plan with local, regional, and statewide practical utility.

On June 14, 2021, a public hearing was held before the Valley County Water District Board of Directors to review the DRAFT 2020 UWMP, including the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. Furthermore on June 28, 2021, they unanimously voted to adopt via Resolution 06-21-853 the plan as presented. 

Final 2020 Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan