Aquacademy is a community-based initiative developed by Valley County Water District to provide Water Education Programs to adults and children within the District’s service area. VCWD is bridging the gap between knowledge and action, offering interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and resources tailored to instill water-wise habits in our community. Our goal is to create an informed and proactive community ready to safeguard our most precious resource -- water.

5th-12th Grade Student Programs

  • Solar Mini-Boat Challenge
  • Scholarship Programs Now Accepting Applications!
  • Teacher Appreciation Night
  • Sharing Reading Library
  • District Treatment Plant Tours
  • Career Days
  • Coloring Contest
  • Citrus College Water Program Support
  • Two-Day Summer Camp

Adult Programs

  • Landscape Classes
  • WaterSmart Training

Information for active programs and events are available by clicking the tabs below.

  1. Scholarship Programs
  2. Solar Mini Boat Challenge
  3. Career Days
  4. Reading Library

Scholarship Program Header

The water industry is at the forefront of ensuring sustainable water supply, cutting-edge treatment technologies, and environmental stewardship. Unlock your potential in the water industry with various scholarships and funding opportunities tailored to support your education and growth. Click here to download a handout with more information.


Now available: Video, Application and Release form deadline: April 12, 2024

Valley County Water District believes in nurturing the next generation of water professionals. The Aquacademy Scholarship Program is an opportunity for high school junior and seniors to give voice to their perspectives on water sustainability. For details on how to participate, click here to be redirected to the scholarship page.

The Aquacademy Scholarship Program is not just about financial support for higher education. It is a platform for our youth to engage with a topic that shapes their future. Valley County Water District is committed to listening and learning from the next generation to create a water-sustainable community. 


Application Process Closed

The Public Water Agencies Group (PWAG), Conservation and Education Team (CET) works to raise awareness among members of the public and students about the value and importance of water. PWAG CET is an association of 11 retail water districts, irrigation districts, and wholesale municipal water districts in Los Angeles County. Their Scholar Dollar Program awards scholarships to high school seniors planning on attending a two or four year, or technical college.

For more information , click here.


 2023 Scholarship Winner